My First Blog!

Well hello.

By way of introduction, my name is Rachael. I am a daughter, artist, lover, friend, photographer, writer, nerd, videographer, paralegal, student and generally all-around expressive being. I'm a happy gal living and working in Seattle. I've always been a very crafty and expressive person, so last year I started my own etsy shop.

Today I was inspired to try something new. So I started this blog, which I actually started a while ago but have not kept up on. The purpose of this blog is to get my creative juices flowing, communicate with people, promote my etsy site, make friends and business contacts, write reviews, and of course, have fun.

That being said...

Currently there are items in my shop waiting to be selected as the perfect gift or note to say hello! Check it out if you have not already. I have some new ideas for my etsy site: which should be available for Mother's Day (may 9th.) I'm not going to reveal these new ideas here, but if you are into books, paper, and a lot of creativity, you should like them! ;) I'll post when the new line is revealed! (photos here, but mostly on my flickr page.)

I do makeup tutorials on youtube. I haven't posted anything lately, but take a look and get inspired. :P

I'm a photographer as well. Check out my flickr site for fun, interesting and moving photographs:

It's also important to come full circle and mention my facebook fan page for my etsy site. I offer a continual 10% DISCOUNT to all my fans via facebook. CHECK IT OUT AND FAN ME TODAY! :) Who doesn't love to save?! :D

Talk to you soon!


  1. I love you you sexy entrepreneur woman! Rock them mad skills!


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