Non-Payments and Half Off's

As I sit here with my morning coffee and bagel with cream cheese and locks, I am filled with the thrill of a purchase from my etsy shop. Unfortunately this purchase has gone unpaid. False hope! LOL This is the first time in my nearly a year of being on Etsy (seriously, this month is my anniversary - look for specials!) that a purchase has gone unpaid. I've heard stories of shoppers not completing said purchases, but have never experienced it for myself until the last few days. Good thing I have my three-day policy in place! If you yourself don't have such a policy in place, I suggest if you sell your crafts, particularly online, that you set one up so "shoppers" who shop without paying don't mess with your listings. (Seriously?! Why take something off the market unless you can pay for it? Very irritating.)

Also, I should bring to your attention that I have now been on Etsy for one year this month. IN HONOR OF MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ON ETSY, I AM RUNNING A HALF OFF SALE FOR THREE DAYS ONLY: MONDAY April 26 - WED April 28th. FB FAN DISCOUNT DOES NOT APPLY. Check it out!

That's all for now,


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