Friday, April 23, 2010

My Latest Project

While I was at Good Will (I often go to find little trinkets of goodness) I found a bathroom storage container that would work *perfectly* as a decorative craft storage container. It's one of these white formica/pressboard bathroom storage cabinets, you know the kind you hang above your toilet with the little doors. We'll see what a good sanding and a couple slaps of paint will do for her.

I picked a seafoam color because my room accents are seafoam and blue. It's one of my favorites and I think, if I decided to leave some if it white, it will look really good.

I'm not sure if you can even sand formica. All I really need to do is rough it up a bit so the paint has something to grab on to. My roommate said that it would take forever to sand by hand, so I'm looking into an electric sander of sorts.  I hope I don't have to take the piece apart! That would be more than I bargained for.

I'm excited to take before and after pictures and record this process too. I'll be covering it on my youtube site, you ya'll should check there for vids re: this too. The address is:

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