New Postings to the Shop!


I made some new additions to the shop within the last day or so. Photographing the pieces was fun, but after the sun started going down it cooled off and my hands started to freeze. I could only photograph 2-3 at a time! You can see the shots on my flickr site:

I also added a gadget from the etsy site. I invite you to take a look around! Don't forget to favorite me!

I'm working on more pieces currently; I'm excited to photograph more of the items I currently have available but haven't had the chance to post yet. I was house-sitting over the last two weeks and I had some things in which to create, but not *all* of my things, so I kept having to run back and forth. Oh well!

I've made a couple sales in the last two days, so I went ahead and purchased some more supplies. I like to deal with Dang's Supplies on etsy, even tho they ship from Korea and it takes longer. They have more of a selection, and a lot of the items I haven't been able to find in this area.

Also, I found the cutest anchor earrings on etsy! They were actually from another seller, not a supplier, and she was seriously underselling them. The earrings were pretty simple too, so I've got some other bits and pieces to pair with those and use it for a completely different project. Stay on the lookout for those!

That's all for now!


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