Business as Usual: a General Update.

Hello All,
This weekend has been incredibly busy! Winding down from my day job on the weekend? Yeah, no. Not so much! :) But it's good too, because I'm one of the lucky ones who still has a job right now. So I count my blessings and am happy to go into work, even if I may have had other plans, you know?

But anyways, that being said, I'm surprised I have been able to work on my shop as  much as I have over the weekend. I've been working on listings, taking photographs, and updating my blog. (I forgot to do my homework! YIKES! Thank God my teacher got the flu!!) I also had a sale, which was a nice little bonus. Packaged it up and it goes out tomorrow morning. :-)

Over the weekend I've also been doing some research on how to boost sales. I signed up for a new site, which I'll blog about in a separate post in a few days (gotta give it a whirl first!).

I'm pretty happy with how most of my recent photos have turned out. I even integrated stone an greenery in some! I'm pretty happy about that because I'm never really sure how to "stage" my photos - and I'm a photographer! To me, that's the most difficult thing to do in one's photos. To match your photo dressings with the feel of the piece itself is *really* a challenge for me!


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