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Hi All and Welcome Back!

Happy Thanksgiving! Seattle is still snow covered and bitter cold! I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying time with your family.

There are a number of things that I have been working on in the studio - some of which haven't even been listed in my shop yet! Anyways, here we go!

Above is a photo of my styled hair. I have been using hair combs lately and decided to add this clip for decoration. I offer these white Orchid clips in my etsy shop in singles and three packs. The three packs are very limited, so if you love them, heart them and cart them! They won't last long!

Violet three pack - $9

Also available in singles in white and violet,

These Orchid Clips are the result of my obsession with the pin up culture. I've been creating vintage hairstyles in my personal life and I needed something that was pin up oriented but that wasn't going to be a costly endeavor. I've kept one of each of these orchid clips for myself to play with. ;) Can you blame me? Aren't they cute?!

Also new in my shop is this very sexy pale blue adjustable rose ring! It sits on an oval filigree base and makes a flattering compliment to red nails. Pair with the hair clips for a retro appeal.

Available in different colors.


Last, but not least, are these absolutely wonderful little Arigato Cards available in a set for $14 dollars. I LOVED making these blank Thank You cards. They're background stamped in shadow pigment and layered with specialty paper to give a clean design and unique appeal. :)
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