Italian Treasure Map/Mermaid Card

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Today's post is reflecting on handmade custom orders. I do a very limited number of contract-for-sale custom orders - usually if I'm doing them, it's personal so it's just a gift for a family member. But in this instance my customer (and friend) is a long-time buddy, and her man is away fishing. Usually it's difficult to make cards for men, but in this instance I got immediate ideas and have finally had the chance to sit down and *really* create something that I absolutely loved. I'd even love to receive this card!

This card has a little story, too. Often times in my personal life I get inspired to create things for people I meet or know. I was inspired by someone that I met to create a pirate card, one of which never came to be. I kept the map that I created and put it away in a ziplock bag for a later use. When my friend requested a custom card, I knew that the map would be a great addition and layer to a water-themed card for her beau!

The card boasts some great stamps from Bombshell Stamps! Check it out, they're having a sale for Black Friday and you can get some great deals.

It's truly one of my favorite cards that I've created in a long time. If you love it as well, you can request a special order from my shop, Rachael's Handmade Designs. There's so much layered, detail, depth and texture, I really loved the way it turned out. I hope my friend and her beau love it as well!

Thanks for reading! That's all for today! :)


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