Tantalizing Treats for Today's Temptresses

Hello to All of You!

I'm sitting here with Sophie (my cat - Sophie-Mittens Snagglepaw - cuz she gets stuck on everything!) and we're both excited to show you all of the thrilling new things that are happening in my shop right now! I've been so inspired this last week and over the weekend! I have so much to show you all!
It has been snowy in Seattle for the last few days. Methinks that this is partly the reason for my creativity spark lately. You see, I do not drive in the snow! Ha ha, there's nothing like forced creativity! (You cannot leave the house! It is cold and miserable and you cannot drive in this. You *will* sit down and make a card!) He he.

Anyways, here is what I sat down to design on Wednsday night of last week. This adorable hand-stamped and personalized card is one-of-a-kind; there's nothing like it in my shop, and I haven't I seen this stamp used anywhere else (yet!) It has been quite a popular card with everyone I have shown it to, and I even received a few outstanding personal compliments! Practical, thoughtful and the latest of my newest string of creations, I'm sure you and your loved one will fully enjoy this compliment to any genuine gift, or as a delightful little gift in itself. From the heart and made with love. Suitable for a birthday card as well!

Measures: 4x6
Provided with a corresponding envelope.

There's liquid applique on the ice cream to add further dimention to this card.
Another new addition from over the weekend is the Cowgirl UP! Card.

This sexy little number is a birthday card suited for that special person in your life. Appropriate for a man OR a woman, this cowgirl will really knock your socks off! ;-) Yee-haw!

I loved making this card. I took inspiration from the old '50's pinup drawings, and of course, I had to use my Bombshell Stamps for a great pinup look. ;-) I like the way this turned out because it's got clean lines with not too much going on, but still got the pop and layers!

Lastyly, on Sunday I made this lovely Princess Thank You card.

I was so in love with the yellow dotted specialty paper from my cowgirl card, I decided to use it in this little card too. It's a great pairing with the teal and purples! A delightlful little layered tag boasts "thanks so much" for an extra bit of fun.

In addition to these beautiful new cards I have also added a detailed, adjustable, mum and brass ring.

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