Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In My Studio


So, my craft table is an absolute disaster zone right now. There's stuff EVERYWHERE. (It's strange - I can't really work if it's *too* clean, and I can't work if it's *too* messy.) I wonder if anyone else ever feels like this?!?

That's probably a contributing factor as to why I've been feeling artistically blocked lately as well. I need to fold up my table and put it away for a while and rest and get my creative juices flowing again. I have company coming into town this weekend so chances are I'm going to have the chance to craft until next week anyways. So this is the perfect opportunity to rest!

I recently took my sewing machine to be fixed. I had used too heavy of a weight of thread and the bobbin had jammed, so I went a few weeks without having any stitching detailing on my cards. :( But! I made a new card using my newly fixed machine! Notice the stitching.

 Last night I paper-pieced this bombshell with one of her digital outfits. It's first time I've used digital stamps in an actual project! Woot! I think she turned out great! I'm still thinking on what to do with this piece and what this card wants to become. (The clothes pins at the top are just to hold the paper.)

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Xo Rachael

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