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Hello Everyone!
I had the opportunity to interview Christa of Anista Designs, which is one of my (new) favorite sellers on Etsy. So, here we go!

1. What's your name and shop name and what do you do?
My shop name is anista designs - design papercrafted cards, invitations and stationery

2. Where are you located? 
Located in Toronto, Ontario

3. What's the favorite part of your craft?
The favourite part is working with visions of clients and making them a reality.  I love creating new things and fulfilling the desires for people to have unique items on their special day.  It's very flattering to have people admire the work you put so much time into.  I love my job!!!

4. How long have you been crafting?
I have been creating since the age of 4 likely.  Achieved my Bachelor of Fine Arts, became an Art teacher and now entering the newest chapter of my creative life - anista designs.  Decided to open at the beginning of November 2010 and have been busy ever since.  

5. What's your favorite thing to make?
New things - I like coming up with new designs and seeing if others like them as well.  I like to make wedding invitations, altering pocketbooks with stamps and I like creating the dandelion wish notecards in my shop.

6. What kind of camera do you use to shoot?
I use a Canon SLR Rebel xt

7. Who or what models your items?
my items speak for themselves I guess! :D

8. What's the most rewarding part of running your own business?
I can work around my busy schedule, can stay up extremely late and work in my pajamas if I want to.  :D

9. What's the most challenging part of running your own business?
Being at the mercy of the postal service - even if you complete all of your items timely, the postal service can be quite unpredictable.  
not getting enough sleep - all of the creative ideas constantly going through my head! Working when you are sick is a tough one too.
10. On average, how many things do you create per week?
it is really hard to quantify at this point - I make many sets of items at miscellaneous times - custom orders could have 10 items, each having 5-20 items in each set.  

11. What inspires you? 
My inspiration comes from images, visions of clients, people I care about, life really.  

12. Take me thru your creative process.
I usually see some sort of inspiration and I play around with colour combinations/layouts in my head.  I often see things and wonder if I could make it better or if I can add a unique twist to it.  Other times I may make a mistake but leads me down a really cool path of creativity - often making something unique and better!

13. What is your best advice to blossoming crafters?
Be passionate and true to yourself.  Come up with things that you are passionate about and that speak about you as an artist.  Show your work well and don't get discouraged.  Try new things and experiment often.  Time manage and organize your space in a practical, functional way.  Most importantly, have fun - try not to let the business aspects ruin your passion for your craft.

Find Anista Designs here.
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