New In My Shop!

Okay, so I fibbed. :-P

This item isn't for my *shop* per say, but it's for my love, instead. :) Yeah, I'm okay with that! Ha ha.

Anyways, today's blog entry is taking a different form! Here's what I've been working on! Enjoy!

And here's some finished photos of this adorable Valentine. I finished it off with some small embelishments, glitter (of course) and feminine pink ribbon. What do you think?

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Till tomorrow,
Xo Rachael


  1. Beautiful card and love how you've captured on video to show your readers! Very cool. Suggestion? Tripod your cam and set your view on fixed shot over your work area so will enable you to shoot hands free. Just a thot. Love the post!

    Have a good week!

  2. ha ha yeah, thanks Dave. I usually do use a tripod when I'm using my "big" camera, but for this project I just used my iphone so I don't have a tripod for it yet. Still, I think it turned out OK. :)


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