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Helloooo Out There in Bloggerland!

Thanks for swinging by! I hope your weekend was fantastic and you got some great arts and crafts done and some good family time in.

Over the weekend I didn't get much crafting done, but I *did* stock up on supplies! My Paper Zone *finally* started stocking copic markers, so I picked up these beauties.

I also picked up some raffia (which I haven't used before on cards, but I'm totally stoked to try!) some flowers (which I haven't found anywhere else but my trusty PZ) some rosettes, which looked fun, and a couple of stamps.

 Also, the copics I ordered online came in the mail, which I was totally stoked about because it seems like I was waiting forever.

With those I was able to do some trial and error stamping too!


Other than that, I have some new designs that are waiting to be photographed. I expect that those items will debut this week, so keep checking in for updates!

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Have a happy wonderful day! :D

Xo Rachael


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