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Hi Everyone!

Today's post is a technique called bleach stamping which is a fun way to lift ink from a solid piece of paper.

All you need is regular household bleach, your favorite rubber stamp, a saucer, paper towels and color paper, car stock, fabric or color napkins. Pour some (not too much) bleach into the saucer and place the paper towels in to soak it up a bit. This will provide a little stamp pad for you.

Then it's all about playing! Touch your stamp to the paper towel and try out a few stamps on some color scratch paper. It may take a few tries to get the amount of bleach on the stamp to be just so. Diluted bleach will give a more subtle look to your finished image.

While you're letting your finished image dry, make sure to wash your stamps. Too much bleach is not good for the rubber, so make sure to clean them well.

I hope you guys try this! It's fun! :-)

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Xo Rachael


  1. Sounds like fun to try, thanks for sharing. Was great to see ya last nite in chat and glad alls well. Have a super duper week!


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