Interview with a Seller - DNACreations

Today's post is from one of my favorite shops, DnA Creations!

1. What’s your name and shop name and what do you do?

We are Darlene and Alex and our shop name is DnA Creations. We create folk art for wallets, flasks and statues.

2. Where are you located?

Los Angeles, CA

3. What’s the favorite part of your craft?

The freedom of creativity.

4. How long have you been crafting?

Both of us have been crafting our whole lives but doing this business it's been about 2 years

5. What’s your favorite thing to make?

We like making statues. It's a very long process but the outcome is well worth it.

6. What kind of camera do you use to shoot?

nothing fancy. Just a Samsung digital camera.

7. Who or what models your items?

We don't use models.

8. What's the most rewarding part of running your own business?

Oh where to start...the satisfaction of being my own boss. Having returning customers that love and appreciate our work. Seeing how successful we have been on Etsy in a short amount of time.

9. What's the most challenging part of running your own business?

Keeping items new and fresh. We are always having to come up with new original designs.

10. On average, how many things do you create per week?


11. What inspires you?

Alex says his culture inspires him and Darlene says that Alex inspires her.

12. Take me thru your creative process.

We always have ideas to create and often think about the consumer and consider what they would want to buy and add to their collection. Then we produce the product, take a picture of it and post it on Facebook and Etsy to see the reaction of people. People like things that shock.

13. What is your best advice to blossoming crafters?

Never get discouraged or give up.

Thanks guys, check out the shop here: DnA Creations
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Xo Rachael


  1. Lovely interview -- especially the advice to never give up -- that's the hardest part I think of any endeavor, especially a creative one!



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