New In My Shop

Hi Everyone!

I'm so glad you could join me again for another post! I've been busily working on my shop over the weekend. I made a cute little glitter dancing card, featuring Craftin' Kimmie's "Monique" stamp and sentiment.

I even used a new technique for this card! To get the texture on the lower scalloped circle I first inked some bubble wrap and pressed that into the paper. The produced image is that of the mirrored bubble wrap. I liked the look of this because it was consistent with the sparkle dots on the brown background paper and it mirrored these dots in a larger fashion.

Also, if you follow my flickr account then you know that I made two stampings of Monique, one darker image in black with the darker indigo blues, and one stamped in blue and colored in lighter blues. I used the darker image for this particular card and added yellow sparkles to her cane and her top hat for more contrast. Then I added the same gold sparkles to each scallop on the scalloped lower circle. (I think next time I will use ribbon.)

I also made this sweet, simple 5x7 card to the right which features a prominent chipboard flower. I love this polka dotted paper and paired it with a simple grey background to let it shine.

A nice option because of it's simplicity. I really enjoy how the papers pair with the chipboard piece.

That's it for over the weekend. I'm sad to say that, as busy as I was, I really didn't get a lot accomplished! LOL



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