Studio pictures and Notes

Hi All,
So nice of you to join me. The past couple of days in my studio I have been just playing and having a great time! I've been playing with my bombshells and using my country western pinups for the first time. I love how they turned out!

I'm still working on this one:

We'll see how it turns out! I love the blue floral paper, it's so beautiful. The only other card I've used that particular designer paper for is a Hawaiian themed thank you five pack, which turned out adorable as well. I should really make those Mahalo Cards again soon!


I also sold several of my cards yesterday to a boutique/spa in town called Vixen Day Spa. It's such a fun little boutique day spa! They carry upscale items for the fashion-concious woman, and I love their spa services!!! Check it out if you're in the area.

I'm having some problems uploading some photos for you to see of the holiday cards I'm making for them, but if you're interested to see them, click here.

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