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I'm so excited to bring you today's post. I had the chance to sit down with a dear friend of mine and ask her some in-depth questions about the ins and outs of her business and I'm sure you'll love reading about some of Tsunami Rose's fab new products.

Lets get started!

1 . So tell me, what’s your name and shop name and what do you do?
My name is Daisy Collins and my brand name is Tsunami Rose. I am the owner and designer of my line printable scrapbook papers , ephemera, and my newest product, printable journal kits. All of my printables have a very vintage shabby chic flair.
2. Where are you located?
My shop is online @ http://www.zibbet.com/tsunamirose I live in Las Vegas, Nevada! I am originally from Southern California.
3. What’s the favorite part of your craft?
My favorite part of designing, whether it be graphic design or scrapbooking, is the ability to make of one of a kind creations that suit my needs. I hate buying off the shelf products, I would always rather customize, and change them to make them unique.
4. That sounds great, we all love customization projects! So how long have you been crafting?
I’ve been crafting since I was a child. My mother was a teacher back in her home country and I remember always doing projects with her. About three years ago I discovered scrapbooking only 3 years ago but I'm constantly coming up with new items. Here is a photo of my newest item available!

and here is a photo of my current project that I'm working on! It's going to be BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to debut it!

5. What’s your favorite thing to make?
As far as scrapbooking, I love making mini albums. They are just so much fun and quicker than your traditional 12x12 layouts. And right now in graphic design I’m addicted to designing mini printable books.
6. What kind of camera do you use to shoot?
At the moment I just use my web cam

7. Who models your items?
I have a design team and I use their pictures to show off what you can do with my designs. We like to share all of our work in our facebook group! That's really the best way to stay up-to-date with Tsunami Rose!
8. Awesome! I've seen some of your design team work, they're truly talented! So! What's THEE most rewarding part of running your own business?
This is the first time having my own business, and I must say that the best part is seeing and hearing that people enjoy your designs and how they say it inspires them to create. :)
9. What's the most challenging part of running your own business?
I’d say making people aware what your company is and what your product are. Also the fact that I pretty much work all day and all night every day. But I don’t complain because this is just a dream come true.
10. On average, how many things do you create per week?
I try and upload items to the shop every week. As far as scrapbooking, I try and make a card each day or use up my supplies on a daily basis. I have too much time on my hands and I’ve spent too much money on scrapbook stuff not to use them up! :P
11. Haven't we all!? Hehe! What inspires you?
Vintage images, vintage music to put me in the mood.

12. So I'm interested, take me thru your creative process.
I start out by picking out a theme and picking out a color palette from colourlovers.com. From there I go on to looking thru my own collection of vintage images I’ve found, and start trying to make an environment where they will blend in. It can take me up to 2 hours to create one full page scrapbook paper design. But I have to make sure there’s nothing I’d do to touch it up, then I move on!
13. What is your best advice to blossoming crafters?
Never lock yourself in a box. And don’t ever think there is nothing new to learn.

I love all your advice, Daisy! And I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and share your expertise with my readers!

The Tsunami Rose Vintage Shop (and all of her lovely goodies!) can be found right here!

The newest item, Life Abloom Journal, can be purchased here, and to PRE-ORDER the Tsunami Rose Vintage Shop Christmas Gift Journal, please click here.

If you'd like to show off all your Tsunami Rose related sketches, journals, downloads and goodies, come over and play in the facebook group!

Thanks again to Daisy Collins!! So much fun! XO

Cheers everybody!


  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

    1. You are very welcome! This interview was so much fun! Can't wait to get started on the December DT!

  2. Awesome interview... as a Design Team Leader for Tsunami Rose Designs I have really enjoyed working with Daisy and her designs are GORGEOUS... I hope everyone takes the opportunity to visit her shop, the will not be disappointed.

    1. Hi Rhonda! I can't wait to work with you in December!


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