Speedy Fox and Friends Challenge 135 - Recipe

Here's this week challenge from Speedy Fox and Friends.

Recipe cards are so difficult for me! This one was: use 1 paper, two colors and three embellishments. Easy, you think. Yikes, when I sat down to play, my mind went blank. Zip, zilch. Nothin'. But, I think it turned out pretty well!

I have another recipe card blog hop on Wednesday November 28th, so if you're interested in playing along you should sign up at the bombshell forum: bombshellstamps.com

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute card, Rachael, I love the pearls. I can so relate to the sentiment. I am on cup #3 and still not ready to face the day. :)

    1. I know what you mean!!! I looooooove coffee!!!

  2. I never would have guessed it was a difficult card for you! Your card is fabulous!!! Love the fun paper piecing!

    1. Angie thanks for your sweet comment. Yes, recipe cards are difficult for me because I have done so little of them and you have to work within a set frame of requirements. I have another one coming up for a blog hop on the 28th. Hope you check back for it! Thanks again!

  3. Wonderful card, Rachael. Rather than coffee, I'm more of a juice or Pepsi in the morning gal!

  4. love the paper pieced coffee cups Rachael. Your so creative!!!


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