On the Fly with Mark's Finest Papers

Hi Everyone!
I want to share a quick card that I made this evening using the On the Fly set from Mark's Finest Papers. (Side note, I've now made two separate and distinctive cards from this one set. Its so versatile!!)

Originally I forgot that I already made a card for a challenge called Pop It Up (which is coming up later this week) and I needed to make sure that I met my commitment, so I made this card thinking it would be featured for that post.

Lucky me! I had saved the day. Funny how that happens. All that worry for nothing, and now I have a great little masculine outdoors-men card to give to all my fishing friends. Now...If I only knew people who fished.

I particularly love the depth and texture created with this card. I used Glossy Accents all over the fishy, making sure to just work with a little bit at a time so it didn't smear together. I used a dotting motion on the paper for the scales and a pulling motion for the fins of the fish. I think it turned out really nicely - its not too pretty and its not too manly. And the Glossy Accents makes me want to touch the fish! The fishy actually has scales when I run my finger over him. How cool is that?! What do you think???

What else is a good product to create texture and depth for a wet look?


  1. Rachael,
    Wow, I am so loving how you've coated your fish. I've colored this up several times, but I am going to use the shiny accents on Mr. Fish next time!

    1. Hi Kathy! Yes I love Mr. Fishy! He's a lot of fun to color isn't he? He goes well with glossy accents. Can't wait to see what you do with him!


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